Prytime Medical™ STAAR

Simulation Trainer for Arterial Access and REBOA

Training is an essential part of any ER-REBOA™ program. The Prytime Medical™ STAAR uses a pulsatile flow loop that supports clinically accurate conditions for arterial access training and simulated ER-REBOA™ Catheter placement.

The STAAR includes:

  • The body with simulated aorta, vena cava and CFA access site
  • Thigh access patch
  • Tablet controlled pulsatile fluid flow and blood pressure display
  • Reusable and replaceable components

Simulated access thigh patch including bony landmarks for Common Femoral Arterial (CFA) Access Training

  • Ultrasound compatible to visualize key anatomy
    • Inguinal ligament
    • Common femoral artery
    • Profunda artery
    • Femoral vein

Order Information

Item Name: Prytime Medical™ STAAR
Item Number: SIM402
Phone: 210.340.0116
Fax: 210.558.1860