Prytime Medical™ ARTI Simulator

The Prytime Medical™ ARTI is designed with clinically accurate conditions and anatomy which are critical to arterial access and catheter placement. The ARTI system works with the entire family of Prytime products.

Key Features of ARTI:

  • Real-time display of blood pressure above & below the balloon
  • Two integrated pressure transducers
  • Tablet app to control simulated blood flow, pressure, and pulsatility
  • Simulated aorta (with zone identification), vena cava, and access points
  • Ultrasound compatible femoral tissue and landmark model for arterial access training
ARTI Assembly & Disassembly Instructions

ARTI Assembly & Disassembly Instructions

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ARTI Brochure

ARTI Brochure

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Item Name: Prytime Medical™ ARTI
Item Number: SIM502

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