Prytime Medical™ ARTI

The Prytime Medical™ ARTI uses a pulsatile flow loop and is designed with clinically accurate conditions and anatomy that works with the entire family of Prytime Medical™ products.

Key Features of ARTI:

  • Ultrasound compatible Common Femoral Artery (CFA)
    Access Trainer for early access training
  • Clinically accurate vascular anatomy including aorta (with
    zone identification), vena cava and femoral access points
  • Tablet controlled fluid flow, pulsation, and blood pressure for
    customized simulation
  • Direct visualization of REBOA catheter placement, simulated
    blood flow, and aortic occlusion
  • Real-time display of blood pressure changes above and
    below the balloon with two integrated pressure transducers

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Item Name: Prytime Medical™ ARTI
Item Number: SIM502

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