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ER- REBOA™ PLUS Catheter
(CE Marked Europe - only)
Sterile Catheter 1 ea.
(Canada - only)
Sterile Catheter 1 ea.
ER7232PLUS-R ER-REBOA™ PLUS Catheter Demo Unit - Not for Human Use Non-Sterile Catheter for R&D or Training Use. 1 ea.
Convenient Set
KT1835E ER-REBOA™ Catheter Convenience Set
(CE Marked Europe - only)
This kit consists of 1 Introducer Sheath, Needle, 1-30 cc syringe, Catheter Clamp, Drape, Scalpel and Suture 1 ea.
KT1835CAN ER-REBOA™ Catheter Convenience Set
(Canada - only)
This kit consists of 1 Introducer Sheath, Needle, 1-30 cc syringe, Catheter Clamp, Drape and Scalpel 1 ea.
Prytime Medical™ ARTI (Access and REBOA Technique Instructor) Simulator
SIM402 ARTI (Access and REBOA Technique Instructor) Simulator 1 ARTI Case, 1 ARTI Model Body and Cover, 2 CFA Access Patches, 10 Replacement Artery Tubes, 1 Pump Case Assembly, 1 Sump Case assembly, 1 Tablet with Charger, 1 6' Tablet to Pump USB Cable, 2 Pressure Monitoring Transducers with Cable & Extension Tubing, 1 Venous Pressure Bladder & Cuff, 1 Unit Maintenance/Repair Kit, 1 ARTI Accessory Kit, 1 GFCI Surge Protector, 2 Extension Cords, 4 Chamois Towels 1 ea.
Simulator Accessories & Support
SIM421 ER-REBOA Catheter Training Kit 3 Non-Sterile Demo Catheters, 1 Access Sheath 1 ea.
SIM422 Simulator Unit Maintenance/Repair Kit Wire Cutters, Screw Driver, Pliers, Ex-acto blade, 7Fr Introducer Sheath Kit, Pressure Monitoring Transducer with Cable & Extension Tubing, Roll Duct Tape, Small and Medium Cable Ties, Bottle Food Coloring, Bottle Baby Oil, 4 IPA wipes, Plastic Quick Connection Set, Access Tubing Section, Tube Sil-poxy silicone adhesive, 2 3ml syringes, Artery Tube, 5 O-rings 1 ea.
SIM423 Simulator Accessory Kit 2 Introducer Sheaths, 5 Needles, 6 Syringes, 2 Catheter Securing Devices, 1 Set Average Zone 1 & Zone 3 Tubing Sections 1 ea.
SIM441 Simulator Artery Tube Replacement Femoral Artery Tube with Connectors 5 ea.
SIM442 Simulator CFA Access Patch Ultrasound Compatible Femoral Access Trainer 1 ea.
SIM443 Simulator Vein Tube Replacement Vein Tube with Connectors 1 ea.
SIM450 Annual Simulator Telephone Support In person telephone support line for ARTI and STAAR users. Available 0900 to 1700 MST weekdays. 1 Yr.